June 6, 2014

When Missed

Hi everyone... Sorry has taken a two weeks break from my write as My sons school is about to start had to make some preparation for that and the wonderful thing was we took a four day break to a hill station......Just relax and enjoy the cold breeze from the hot summer heat of 43*C without hubby.

Now for the Brian's prompt of the week "language and words are bri’s theme at dVerse today".

In the cold night breeze
Alone I sleep 
on top of the bunkers bed
With friends filled in the rest
No loud words
As I will wake others
All alone without you
I cant say any thing as now
Only a message was placed
"Miss You"
with no expected reply back 
But to my surprise
The man with no words
Sent back
"Me too"
What all to make the day special


  1. The message is sweet & would make any day special :-)

  2. Wonderful to receive such a simple, but beautiful, message in return. I am sure those two words brightened your day.

  3. nic e...enjoy that summer vacation...
    ha, it is nice when someone that does not usually communicate does
    would def make the day special...

  4. It makes me think of uncomplicated love.

  5. smiles... nice that he wrote back even though he's not a man of many words... those were just the right ones... smiles.. enjoy your vacation

  6. The man with no words found some!..smiles...

  7. Savor that moment, for it might carry you through many more without words; nice response to the prompt.

  8. Nice poem about longing. Well done.


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